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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm surprised to see all the trees being cut down on the Westfield town common. I hope they know what they're doing.

Some things that are removed cannot be easily replaced. In Springfield they tore down the historic Hotel Charles, and over twenty years later all that's left is this stone remnant and a vacant lot.

Oh my, if these walls could talk about local politics.

This was my father's favorite non-Irish restaurant.

The ancient walkway past the old armory.

I'm delighted to see that the colonial monument that used to stand on the corner of State Street has been returned after being missing for decades. It had to be removed because it was made of sandstone that was dissolving in the acid rain of the 1970's.

Actually it is not the real monument, but an exact replica made from a mold of the original and using material that will not erode. It is also not in the exact location it once was, which was right on the corner, but perhaps these ground vents made it impossible.

Advertisements in a window across the street.

It's sad to see that the old Kavanaugh's Furniture has bit the dust. It doesn't look like anything is going to be replacing it anytime soon.

This lion on State Street figures into one of my earliest memories.

I recall as a little boy my mother saying to me as we drove past, "Look Tommy, a lion!" I looked but was underwhelmed because it was obvious to me that it was made of stone, and to be truly cool the lion would have to be alive.

This is one of the oldest businesses in Mason Square. When was the last time you heard the term launderette?

The new sidewalks in front of the old Indian Motocycle Building. Click here to read about the building's scandal plagued history.

The former Monarch Insurance Building, now a high school, but previously a politically connected business which also sank beneath a sea of scandal in the 1980's.

I remember seeing these monuments in Saint Michael's Cemetery as a small boy.

I had nightmares that the statues came alive.

From this bus stop in ol' Pine Point I headed back to the North Valley.

Arriving back in Northampton, I listened to the street musicians.

By the way, today was the big pancake breakfast in downtown Springfield, as captured in this Tony Mateus photo.

Bax and O'Brien interviewing Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno.

Now by the light, shining through from within, we'll find our way back to the stars once again.......

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010


Larry said...

You are so right about the Merrimaid Launderette. Your Grandfathers sisters either just worked there, or Edna owned it. Edna worked days so she had her nights Free to go drink somewhere.

I was just a little kid when my Grandmother would close up for the night, take the nights receipts and walk across the Park like island that separated the two streets.

Uncle "Rob" and Edna were divorced. He lived upstairs from where basketball was invented, Old Men would be sitting in the square on hot nights playing Checkers or Cards by candle or kerosene lamp. She was never afraid back then. The men would tip their hats and say, "Good evening".

And that was about 60 years ago. She would continue her walk home to Catherine St without fear. "Winchester Square ain't what she used to be"! But what is? Where did Mason Square ever come to replace "Winchester Square? It will always be Winchester square to me.

Anonymous said...

If they knew what they were doing in Westfield they wouldn't have both ends of the town trashed at the same time.

I always thought Mason Square was the south side of State and Winchester Square the North Side.

Guy Freeman said...

I wonder how I missed you walking along my beat on Saturday...