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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ogulewicz Retires

And Relocates

One of the most controversial figures of Pioneer Valley politics in the last quarter of the 20th century was former Springfield City Councilor and radio personality Mitch Ogulewicz. He's kept a low profile in recent years and I know many people are interested in what he's up to these days. This is an email I received from Mitch recently:

Brian Santaniello, Francis Keough and Mitch Ogulewicz in 1986


Just had a chance to read your blog. I like the new color scheme. I enjoyed the article on the fundraiser and Scott Brown. Also the analysis of the Congressional races.

Other than doing a lot of unpacking, I haven't done much since moving down here to South Carolina. After 113 days being "homeless" while our house was being built, my wife Cyndi and I are now happilly settling into our new home.

The last several weeks have been spent unpacking boxes and figuring out where things are going to be placed. I am sure that we will continue to do this throughout the summer, but it is nice to have a place to call ours.

We have been down here since May 23rd. I retired after 36 years in banking on May 21 and we left for South Carolina the next day. We rented a furnished corporate apartment for a month. Spent our time checking on the final stages, as the house was being built, laying out by the pool at the apartment, going to various stores to check things out.

The house has what they call a bonus room above the garage. That is my room. It looks like the second Kennedy Library with all the pictures etc on the walls. I am attaching a picture I took a couple of weeks ago. But I can assure you that there is even more on the walls now.

The South Carolina Democratic Party (what's left of it down here) has found me and has invited me to a breakfast on Saturday morning. Probably will attend, just to see how things are done down here. South Carolina just concluded its primary and I can tell you that it is rough and tough politics.

The politics down here is very Republican. Although the word is that the Democratic candidate for Governor could pull it off. The Republican nominee is a woman named Haley. Many think she is too close to Mark "I am In love with an Argentinean" Stanford. He can't get along with even the Republicans and they can't wait for him to leave office.

Down here they have a Primary (it was in June). A candidate must get 50% plus 1 vote to get the nomination. If not they have a runoff of the top two 2 weeks later.

Don't believe that Reagan philosophy of the 11th commandment, "speak no ill of fellow Republicans". They eat their own. In Massachusetts they stab you in the back and leave no finger prints. Down here they are 10 times worse and do it to your face.

Cyndi and I did join a wine tasting club. Meets every Thursday. I have actually found that most members are Democrats. They are constantly asking me about the Kennedy's and Massachusetts politics. Of course I just refer to your blog and when I can find something I email it to them.

There is also an organization called "Liberally Drinking", which also meets once a week at a local bar. It Is all Democrats (the 100 or so that are In South Carolina) and they sit around talking about politics. Right now they are trying to figure out what to do about a guy named Greene who won the Democratic primary. He beat an established politician who spent a few hundred thousand dollars. Green spent zero, no one knows who he is, and he didn't campaign.

He is running against Jim De Mint the incumbent, who by the way lives not too far from me in the same town. I live in Travelers Rest, population 4500.

Well just thought I would drop you a line. Hope all is well.


Speaking of the Kennedy's, I came upon these bumperstickers in a Northampton antique shop.

In the window of the same shop is this 41 year old Westfield Tricentennial banner.

Speaking of the tea parties, here's a cartoon that's been circulating the internet about north-Valley Congressman John Olver and his challenger Bill Gunn. (click to enlarge)

In Northampton I came upon this offer for free stuff, but the only things that were offered was rocks! Useless to most people perhaps, but treasures to children.

Mennonites from Russell singing on the steps of Northampton City Hall last night.

School for the Dead playing downtown Hamp last weekend. Photo by R.M. Quinn.

Experimental film and music out of Hampshire College in Amherst.


Charlie said...

Have a good retirement Mitch, you've earned it!

Michaelann Bewsee said...

I always have to wonder how politically active people can leave it all behind...

Tommy, I have about 2,000 rocks in my house, most from the shores of Cape Cod and Maine. If you want any, I'm happy to share. Otherwise, my kids have instructions to take them all back to the sea after I croak...

Larry said...

Mitch (& Tom), if U really wanna see politicians eat their young, come on down here to Florida! Where Worcester's own Jeff Greene, a billionaire with no political experience, is running in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Where Rick Scott, another rich cat with no political experience, whose company committed Medicare fraud and ousted him, is in the Republican primary for governor.

As of today, both men are leading, as outsider, anti-incumbent, candidates. Guess you can tell it's midterms time.

I think maybe it's "Time for zis one to go home"...back to Northampton.

Anonymous said...

"Mennonites from Russell singing on the steps of Northampton City Hall last night"
noho will not tolerate this abuse by religious fanatics, those menonites are violating my civil rights. they better not mention GOD