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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Or NealPelosi?

Take your pick which term you like (personally I feel PeloNeal has better alliteration) but congressional candidate Tom Wesley thinks there's not a dime's worth of difference between south Valley Congressman Richard Neal and current Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a congresswoman from San Francisco California.

Nancy Pelosi is the face of all that is wrong with Washington right now. She is an ultra-liberal from San Francisco with an agenda far from the beliefs and values of the majority of Americans, including those here in Massachusetts’ Second District.

Richard Neal is our Congressman, but he might as well be the Congressman for Nancy Pelosi’s district. Richard Neal votes 98.9% with Nancy Pelosi. That doesn’t seem right to me. The voters I have met from Springfield, Dudley, Webster, Douglas, Wales, Hopedale and the other towns around the Second District have expressed their frustration with their lack of representation in Washington.

Personally, I think some very good things have come out of San Francisco, such as the Grateful Dead!

San Francisco is also on the frontiers of gay rights.

However, I have no use for Nancy Pelosi, who is wrong on nearly every issue that matters. As Wesley explains in his latest one minute political ad, we don't need a Nancy Pelosi twin representing our Valley.

It's a shame how the old Sabin Locksmith Shop in downtown Northampton is being forced out by a new landlord.

So is their neighbor the punk clothing store Sid Vintage, but happily they are relocating to the old Winterset site.

The Amherst version of the Mill River.

A cow skeleton in a classroom at UMass.

Valley music videographer Jeff Ziff came upon this interesting beverage at a blues festival in Maine last weekend.

Angry music is made in Amherst as the band Little Death perform their song "I Don't Hate You Because You're Gay - I Hate You Because You're an Asshole."


Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy: That's a different Mill River. The 'Amherst' Mill River starts up in Leverett/Shutesbury territory and flows through Hadley into the Connecticut River a couple of miles north of Route 9. The ‘Springfield Mill River starts in Wilbraham, (two branches, North and South), flows through Sixteen Acres and your old neighborhood, (North Branch Parkway and South Branch Parkway). The two branches come together into what is now Watershops Pond, then it flows along between Mill and Locust St(s) into the Connecticut River at Springfield’s South End neighborhood.

Tom said...

Oh wow, I was unaware of that difference. Thanks for the geography lesson!

Anonymous said...

no wonder cows are so dumb, look at how small their heads are