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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Weekend

Here is a sticker on a car parked in Springfield last night. Is it meant as a warning or a threat?

The reason I was in Springfield was for the last "bike night" concert. I went to three of the ten this summer, and for all the reputation of Springfield as a city of violence, I never once felt a single moment of concern for my safety while attending those events.

I did however feel a twinge of sadness as I passed the vacant site of the old Cafe Manhattan. I had many a fun night there back in the day.

Among the bikes present was this new model Indian, once manufactured in Springfield but now built down South.

Last night's concert featured Kal David, best known in these parts for his days with the Fabulous Rhinestones. Just the kind of show to bring out a historian of local music like Rick Knightly and his wife Sherri.

My neighbor is a parrothead.

Flag over Florence.

The students are returning to the upper-Valley this weekend, and these UMass fratboys have already started the fun with this sign outside their partyhouse.

Big concert this week at Northampton's Look Park, where all the major local bands performed as various nationally known groups. I didn't go, but the ever intrepid Bill Dwight did, with his camera in hand. Here's a shot he took showing the good turnout.

Radio dude Monte Belmonte.

Big Ed Vadas prepares to take the stage.

Paul Rocha and Jim Armenti.

Word is that Spouse stole the show with their impression of Tears for Fears. On the basis of this video I agree, but notice how only the little kids have the sense to dance.

Well I'm off to Saratoga again for the races and hope to return a millionaire! Have a Happy Labor Day and I'll see you in the Big Time.


Jeff said...

I can't wait for bike night to return next summer! Downtown Springfield is totally safe and fun!

Liberal said...

You seem to support Tea Party candidates. Why?
Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, Christine O'Donnell, Carl Paladino, Sharon Angle...etc..Now I think that you are a total kook like Jim Polito.
The solution to bad Democrats is certainly not worse Republicans or worse yet Tea Baggers.