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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Naming Names

The Boston Globe has published a long list of government employees whom they suggest got their probation department jobs through political influence, often involving Ludlow's State Rep. Thomas Petrolati. Another name that appears again and again on the list is retiring State Senator Stephen J. Buoniconti of West Springfield. He is retiring against his will because voters refused to elect him Hampden County District Attorney earlier this month. Oh how the mighty are falling! Just weeks ago Buoniconti was a power-player with an unlimited political future - but now he has lost it all and frankly it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy!

Anyway, who were the people on the Globe's roll call of shame that are from Western Mass? Well you can look through all 250 names searching for the one's with local ties, but I've already done all the hard work for you and hereby present them right here for your perusal. The drum roll please:

Stephen Ashe
Acting Chief Probation Officer, Hampden Superior Court
Son of Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe

It's all in the family when it comes to passing out the jobs!

Alfred E. Barbalunga
Chief Probation Officer, Southern Berkshire District Court
Son of retired Pittfield District Court Judge Alfred A. Barbalunga

It was the Judge's judgment that his son was the most qualified!

Brian Clune
Probation Officer , Palmer District Court
Former aide to Sen. Stephen J. Buoniconti, D-West Springfield

Voters may have shown Buoniconti the door, but not before his aide snagged a permanent payday.

Antoinetta DeAngelis
Probation officer, Holyoke District Court
Daughter of former Probation Supervisor Nicholas J. DeAngelis

Isn't it amazing how often the most qualified applicant turns out to be someone in your own family!

James J. Ferrera III
Springfield City Councilor

How nice to be able to supplement your measly Council salary with a full-time state job. Two government checks are certainly better than one!

Frank M. Glenowicz
Acting Chief Probation Officer, Franklin Superior Court
Bartender at Joe's Pizza in Northampton, a bar frequented by former Probation Deputy Commissioner William H. Burke III

It must have been a hell of a pizza he served to get a state job for a tip!

Christopher Hoffman
Acting Chief Probation Officer, Hampshire Superior Court
Bartender at Joe's Pizza in Northampton, a bar frequented by former Probation Deputy Commissioner William H. Burke III.

Hey bartender make mine a double - a state paycheck with a fat pension on the side!

Jennifer Crespo. Martins
Associate Probation Officer, Chicopee District Court
Niece of Probation Officer John Crespo. Married to Probation Officer Jason Martins

After searching far and wide for a qualified candidate, only a family member could be found.

Jason Martins
Probation Officer, Springfield District Court
Husband of Associate Probation Officer Jennifer Crespo Martins

Keeping the paychecks and the bennies all in the family!

Kevin M. McDonald
Probation officer, Eastern Hampshire District Court
Son of former Greenfield District Court Chief Probation Officer Paul McDonald

Hey Daddy, I need a job!

Maura E. McDonald
Probation officer, Springfield District Court
Daughter of former Greenfield District Court Chief Probation Officer Paul McDonald

Yes Daddy, and don't forget daughter dearest!

Sean P. McDonald
Probation officer, Hampshire Superior Court
Son of former Greenfield District Court Chief Probation Officer Paul McDonald

Yeah Pop, and don't forget loyal son number two!

Andre Pereira
Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Eastern Hampshire District Court
Former legislative aide and childhood friend of Rep. Thomas M. Petrolati, D-Ludlow.

Growing up with Petro can prove quite profitable.

Kathleen Petrolati
Regional Manager, Electronic Monitoring Program
Wife of Rep. Thomas M. Petrolati, D-Ludlow

After an exhaustive but futile search for a qualified candidate, Petro discovered the perfect applicant lying right next to him in bed!

Francine Ryan
Supervisor, Probation Services, Office of the Commissioner
Daughter of the late Hampden County District Attorney Matthew J. Ryan, Jr.

Yet another way that Matty got the last laugh on the taxpayers.

Robert P. Ryan
Chief Probation Officer, Eastern Hampshire District Court
Husband of Rep. Thomas M. Petrolati's aide, Colleen Ryan

No family member need suffer unemployment when you're in with Petro.

Elizabeth Pereira. Tudryn
Probation Officer, Springfield District Court
Niece of Andre Pereira, Assistant Chief Probation Officer in Eastern Hampshire District Court and former aide to Rep. Thomas M. Petrolati.

There may be a few I missed, so if you look at the list yourself and spot any others please let me know. In any case, one thing is for sure, once you're in with Petro the paydays never stop!

Of course it is good to be reminded that not everything politicians do is evil, for example here is State Senator Stan Rosenberg collecting for charity on Main Street in Northampton.

In the window of Broadside Books.

Yesterday morning at the Haymarket.

Wild night on the Hamp nightclub scene.

Black Friday Downtown Springfield
by Paolo Mastrangelo


Anonymous said...

Tom nobody does what you do, and we thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

The saying goes"It's not who you meet and eat,it's who you know and blow"

Anonymous said...

This entry is a real public service, Tom. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Is Petro's downfall the final payback of Richie Neal's for all the grief Petro gave him around the location of the information storage site on Elliot St. One should be careful of who they piss off.

Anonymous said...

It will be kind of hard to return that money, being that it's already been spent. On what? Clothes, cars, vacations, etc. Can't give back money that isn't there! It wasn't spent on a campaign. A campaign never even happened! Why need a campaign fund if no one runs again you? What I want is to know WHERE IT WENT. Have I been paying his family getaways? Were we paying for his kids to go to (Private!) high schools and college? Can we find this info? Will we even try?

Mo Turner said...

Tom D, you rock.

Anonymous said...

its all in the details.which by the way folks, will be bored out by the feds....these state guys always sweep and take care of their own, hence the speakers response."its the way it is" we always "reccomend" people all the time for jobs...........stay tuned.....

Tim said...

Thing is, now that everyone's seen it in black and white, what the heck happened on 11/2? Some of the WORST people in Ma. politics got easily re-elected, going against pretty much the entire country. In eastern Ma. you got more of the same corruption, and you got Chuck Turner playing the race card, and Dianne Wilkerson. No wonder this stuff goes on. We virtually condone it!

Max Hartshorne said...

Tom am I the only person is is seething reading this list of clear patronage jobs?? I sent this link to Howie Carr I asked him to talk about it on his show. You are doing a great service..but how do we actually get this to stop?

rashid1891 said...

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