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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, December 13, 2010

An Assortment

Of Things

Reclining Buddha in a Northampton alleyway.

Avant-garde filmmaker Ted Lee at Feeding Tube Records.

Here is renowned rock fiddler Eric Lee at Amherst's Black Sheep Deli.

Luke Arevill outside the Haymarket in Northampton.

The old piano in Sam's.

While deleting old pictures from my camera today I came across these shots I'd forgotten about that I took this summer at the abandoned quarry on Mount Tom (that's Mount Thomas to you, buddy!)

No photo can capture the enormity of the wound to the mountain.

Of course in order to go there to get that picture meant ignoring a No Trespassing (or thanks to a prankster vandal, "No Assing" sign) but such barriers mean nothing to the determined citizen journalist.

But be careful when exploring such a place - you never know what kind of maniacs you might run into!

View from atop Tower Square (Baystate West) in Springfield by Roger Devine.

In 2008 some people snuck into the old Uniroyal plant in Chicopee and created a fascinating photo essay.

To check out their adventures click here.

A major new release by Henning Ohlenbusch of Northampton.

Rare 1980's bag from State Line in Wilbraham
from the Pete Sorbi Collection.


Anonymous said...

I miss State Line potato chips!

Anonymous said...

Tom, without Quarrys, where would the aggregate come from that went into the Concrete for "Baystate West" and many Road Projects? Perhaps if still allowed to operate, the bemoaned "Potholes" would not be so prevalent in W. Ma. said...

some are pissed about trees around mt. tom being removed to make way for eric suher's parking lot. but look at that fucking hole in the side of the mountain! i remember there was some outrage when it was being blasted. but that's progress. don't like it? grow a beard, get a horse an buggy, and move to pennsylvania, i say.

Pete said...

I dug that State Line bag up behind the old Zayres/Ames in Chicopee - there is all sorts of random stuff back there - perhaps you could take some pics back there - its sort of interesting if you like a big mess..