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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, June 4, 2011


All was calm reflection when I crossed the mighty Conneticut today at dawn.

Springfield's South End really suffered a lot of damage, as captured in this S.P. Sullivan photo.

At least the damage was natural, rather than political. Nothing in nature ever devastated the South End like the idiotic decision to build the highway on the Springfield side of the river - where it wiped out a huge section of the neighborhood, destroyed the Barney Estate and isolated the city from the riverfront - instead of building it on the other side, where there was mostly just woods. But then the politicians and their friends would not have been able to make a lot of money on the dirty real estate deals surrounding the land takings for the road.

I was in Amherst during the storm, where the sky got really dark and it poured rain like crazy, but we never saw the heavy winds up here like they did in the South Valley. In fact before the storm it was an unusually warm spring day, as evidenced by this thermometer on the Greenfield Savings Bank.

I was in Greenfield with my friend Damon who was doing his patriotic duty by paying his parking fine at the Franklin County Courthouse.

Only it turns out you don't pay parking fines at the courthouse, instead you have to go to City Hall. Inside is this wall painting of the pilgrims discovering Greenfield.

Meanwhile at Amherst College they were having a reunion, and it looks like the class of 1999 has been busy in the bedroom!

This week while riding down the woodland way into downtown Northampton I swerved to avoid what looked at first to be a large stone in the road!

Getting off my bike to check it out I went, "Whoa, that's no rock!"

Messages in the window of Broadside Books in downtown Northampton.

This guy must be a joy to know.

Don't forget, tornadoes are not the only ones to cause trouble.

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Jeff Hobbs said...

"Nothing in nature ever devastated the South End like the idiotic decision to build the highway on the Springfield side of the river"

Boy, is this ever true. Kristen Beam did an interview for MassLive a couple years ago and the at-the-time Mayor Ryan said the same exact thing. Springfield could have had a thriving riverside entertainment district -- restaurants, bars, music venues. Instead there are some car dealerships and a bunch of random businesses that are impossible to walk to and a bike trail that's impossible to police properly.

It was a terrible, terrible choice.