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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jake's Saved

For decades everyone has been going to Northampton's Jake's.

So all of Hamp cried out in dismay a few months ago when it was suddenly shuttered beneath a cloudburst of legal and business hassles.

But sighs of sorrow turned to jumping for joy as all has been sorted out and this sign appeared in the window.

Amherst College is restoring the exterior of one of its classic colonial structures, including putting in new steps.

However, it was a little sad to see the old steps waiting to be dragged away. How many generations of Valley residents have climbed those ancient stone steps?

I'm as much in favor of the new as anyone, but must the old be so casually tossed aside? Of course not everything old is good, like old dents in your car, although they can be partially disguised by dog paintings.

It's nice to see that an old rockstar like Jim Morrison still rates a bumpersticker.

But the newfangled Rumble Bee is ready to rock!

And the ultra-new Wheego All Electric car is making the scene all over Amherst!

But along the old Nowottock Trail the spider in its web greets the morning mist at dawn just as it always has and always will do.

My stuff waiting to hit the fan. The brass bell belonged to my grandfather and is over one hundred years old. The fish is a trophy that Jay Libardi and I won around 1986 at Yolly Nahorniak's fishing derby at Five Mile Pond in Pine Point.

Trevor Hall has a new album coming out in about a week. It sounds really hot.

As seen on this poster in the window of the Iron Horse Trevor is coming to Northampton on Columbus Day October 12th. Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

Yea Jakes!

Anonymous said...

Seems like we took Danny for granted.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you should write a series of articles as to why...white people who became polically connected...thanks to the degenerate political culture of Springfield...decided to relocate to...Longmeadow...East Longmeadow...Wilbraham...Agawam.