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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, August 5, 2011

Southwick Boatride

Hey everybody, I was floating around on Congamond Lake recently. A lot of people seem to do that, taking it easy on the water.

Easy, the way life's supposed to be.

Congamond actually consists of several bodies of water, connected by tunnels.

There are strange sights on the shore.

The strangest things of all go on in the non-stop party zone called Louie B's.

There was a band playing called Mass-Conn Fusion.

When I first heard the name I thought it meant 'Massachusetts Confusion' which is pretty funny, but I later learned that it refers to how the band consists of a fusion of Massachusetts and Connecticut players. Not a bad band, whatever their name.

Here's a video I made of somebody's patriotic raft.

I often cross these railroad tracks in Northampton, yet never saw a train on it. Therefore I began to think the tracks were abandoned.

Then yesterday I found out I was wrong.

I wonder what these symbols mean that somebody painted on the bike path.

My friend bought a cool shower curtain.

Connecticut River Explorer by Robert Genest.

4 comments: said...

re video:i would have jumped on that flag raft. what an opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Tom, since you are in the area, can you submit some photos of Pot Rocks in Westfield?

Maybe you will capture future politicians in Westfield for your blog.

BTW Tom, if the top of the railroad tracks look shiny...there is probably a reason.

Ed said...

Those are digsafe markings -- I think indicating that there aren't any Telephone/cable (orange) water (blue) or sewer/drain (green) lines in the area.

Aren't they planning to repave the bikepath?

Ed said...

BTW Tom, if the top of the railroad tracks look shiny...there is probably a reason.

Take it one step further -- if there aren't trees and shrubs growing in the middle of the tracks, there is a reason as well...