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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never Forget

Northampton - What a concept!

It starts getting chilly early here in New England.

The haunted, frightened trees in the window of Silverscape.

In the window of Valley Antiques a treasured memento of the past boys of summer.

Through the window of the APE Gallery.

Last Sunday was the tenth anniversary of the event universally known simply as 9/11. Here Selectboard Chairperson Stephanie O'Keefe addresses the Amherst Police and Fire Departments.

Big Y let the town borrow their gigantic flag, the largest ever to fly on the Amherst Common.

Naturally Larry Kelley was there blogging it all for posterity.

But it wouldn't be Amherst without a little protest demonstration on the side.

At UMass they had this huge flag display outside the campus center.

There are a couple of important local primaries this Tuesday. I don't live in Springfield anymore, but if I did I'd vote for the most honest woman in Valley politics, Antonette Pepe for Mayor. For At-large City Council I would vote for Timothy Rooke, Kateri Walsh, John Stevens, Charles Rucks and David Ciampi.

Of course this being Springfield, be sure to vote early and often!

If I lived in Holyoke, for mayor I would vote for Alex Morse, one of the most promising fresh faces to appear in Valley politics for a long time.

Some hot pickin' a few nights ago in an Easthampton record store.

Beatle bag at Raos in Amherst.


Anonymous said...

Pepe would make a wonderful mayor!

LarryK4 said...

The Big Y flag was put up in the morning for a ceremony that the "Remember 9/11 Committee" orchestrated for later that night, which included the Twin Towers of Light display.

Big Y donated the flag to the Amherst July 4th Parade Committee five years ago and this was the first time it flew in Amherst town center. We could not have done it without the AFD ladder truck.

What surprised and moved me most about this special Sunday in Amherst was the great number of people who stopped to pay their respects while looking at the flag, and take pictures.

I had a couple dozen hand me their cell phone or camera so they could pose in front of the flag.

It whisked me back ten years when all of America rallied around that colorful symbol, to take comfort, and affirm all that is good about our country.