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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow on the Pumpkin

Some hungry squirrels attacked my neighbor's pumpkins.

Maybe they should have had a scarecrow to keep them away.

The Northampton Stop&Shop sells pre-painted pumpkins, but that feels like a form of creative laziness.

Happy Halloween, I guess.

The Pioneer Valley is known worldwide as one of America's most beautiful places. Unfortunately it comes with a few downsides, such as utterly corrupt politics and winters that come too early and springs that arrive too late. Here is the weather as I left UMass last night.

Of course it's nothing to the Old Chapel, which has seen the snowfalls of three centuries.

By morning the snow had stopped and this was how things looked by the babbling brook near my house.

Here's a little video I made while attempting to traverse the woodland way into downtown Northampton.

Finally I arrived downtown, where a bouquet of fallen branches surrounded a snow-faced Calvin Coolidge.

The buses were running as usual and so I soon arrived in Amherst, where the snowstorm perhaps caused this witch to crash into a UMass frathouse.

A menacing mouth greeted the customers of The Black Sheep, or would have if it was open.

A power outage meant that everything was closed, except of course for the store that never closes for any reason whatsoever.

No power meant the cash register didn't work, but if you could pay in cash with exact change it was business as usual.

In a world in which there is so little you can depend on, it is nice to know that on every single day since 1914 you can always count on Hastings.


Anonymous said...

Hastings is a wonderful store!

Anonymous said...

I blame global warming.

I blame it when it's hot, I blame it when it's cold. I blame it snows, I blame it when it doesn't. I blame it when the leaves turn too early or when the buds come too soon.


Anonymous said...

Where are your local election analyses, predictions and endorsements?

Anonymous said...

No election stuff = lame.

Anonymous said...

"The Pioneer Valley is known worldwide as one of America's most beautiful places"? Tommy, that's about as true as Jimmy Carter is the best President we ever had! "Tain't So"! What world are you referring to?

Tom said...

Actually you'd be surprised by how many emails I get from people all over Europe who praise the beauty of our Valley.