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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Never Forgotten

The Northampton Urban Outfitters is located in an old bank building, as seen in this classic Greg Saulmon photo.

Here's what it looks like inside:

On the wall is this plaque leftover from the bank days, honoring a teller who was killed in World War One in 1918.

In front of it is this rack of ladies clothes.

At first I was inclined to say something to the management about the lack of respect that shows, but then I was struck by the idea that the dead soldier probably would have liked the notion of pretty young Urban Outfitter shoppers pausing all day before his plaque. That's better remembrance than a lot of vets get.

There was another one of those censorship controversies at UMass last week when Professor Andrew Bernstein tried to lecture on the virtues of capitalism and was repeatedly interrupted by screaming leftists. Here one of them is escorted from the hall by campus security.

Newt who? This Northampton van owner is supporting (and has been supporting) Vermin Supreme!

A cow on the roof of an Amherst shed.

Legendary Amherst Bulletin columnist Phyllis Lehrer (right) stopped by the Amherst Survival Center recently with her friend Gale Kuhn.

So did Channel 22's Shannon Halligan and her cameraperson.

The Northampton Chapter.

The Hot Chocolate charity run through downtown Northampton was this morning. Here is sixty-five seconds of it - see anybody you know?


Anonymous said...

Shame on those liberals for disrupting that meeting!

Anonymous said...

I sat through many lectures at UMass in which the world's most murderous philosophy/economic system was praised. I'm talking about communism, of course.

And I never disrupted the clueless professor. Not once.

College is not a place in which competing ideas are explored and considered. It's a place in which words on only one side are allowed, and on the off chance that a different view is allowed, the students throw a temper tantrum. The professors sometimes too.


Foggy Notion said...

I've gotta say that I also sat through a lot of lectures at UMass, (Philosophy '90) and although I heard lots of different views on, (yes, god forbid) communism, socialism and (even) anarchism, I never actually heard even the most radically left wing professor directly advocate for the overthrow of market capitalism in favor of communism, socialism and/or anarchism; ever….

there may have been, 9and still may be..) some clueless professors at UMass, but they weren't in any of the departments I took classes in: I thought they were all in engineering...