The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, June 8, 2012


A friendly greeting on the woodland way.

This messages is less so.

One of the primary roles of graffiti is to be transgressive by referring to topics and words that are taboo and to bring them into the public view. Of course not everyone fully grasps the concept.

Anarchists on the trail.

Others chose to express a more tranquil message.

This truck passing through downtown Hamp got hit by the graffiti artists good.

Better duck down this alleyway to get to the bus stop faster.

Oh no! I was looking around taking pictures so much I missed the bus! Oh well, nothing left to do but go find a cozy corner in the Haymarket to drink a hot coffee and wait for the next one.

Actually I wish I was taking a bike ride through Holyoke while listening to a psychedelic mash-up.

UMass Library stairwell.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your pleasant morning.

Tim said...

Tom, remember when they used to say, "don't like the police? Call a hippie next time?" Well, word to Kevin, nex't time you in a jam, jim, don't call da po-po, call one o' you homies." f you too, no talkin' motha. Spent a couple of years working with another Kevin, who never hesitated when that call came in. So sick of so called "art" like that crap.