The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tent City

Someone erected this stone bench on the Norwottock trail connecting Amherst and Northampton.

There is a very nice view of the mountains surrounding our Valley from that bench.

Elves in my neighbor's yard.

This weekend is the big tent sale in downtown Northampton, but not much was happening when I passed through early this morning.

Here's what the scene was like when I came home on the bus last night.

A cute dog riding on the bus yesterday.

Scenes from a Northampton record store.


Anonymous said...

I went to that tent sale!

Anonymous said...

Nice bench, so was your Mom's. Did they ever replace hers? Hope some Jerk doesn't destroy this one.

Tom said...

What? I was unaware it had been wrecked. Well at least there is still "The Devine Way" the section of the park named after my mother that no one can destroy.