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Friday, November 30, 2012


A sentiment on King Street to brighten my Friday.

Blue balls before a blue dress and a blue tree in a Hamp window.

The Cannabis Reform Coalition at UMass has announced the following event for next week:

Come listen to our next installment of the Cannabis Colloquium. Terry Franklin, a long time advocate for marijuana legalization and a founding member of the CRC, will talk about the history of the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition and what the Pioneer Valley has done to end Cannabis Prohibition. It will be held Wednesday, December 5, 2012 in the Campus Center Room 903 at 7pm and the general public is invited.

Republicans in the legislature are calling for the resignation of Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby. I agree that her level of incompetence is unacceptable, as reported in the Boston Herald.

Gov. Deval Patrick stood by his Health and Human Services secretary yesterday as House Republicans demanded JudyAnn Bigby resign, questioning her ability to lead after a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak and drug-tampering scandal at the state’s drug lab.

“We feel the time has come that in order for the agency to move ahead, that this is a necessary move by the governor,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading) at a State House press conference. “It’s not one we take lightly. The agency is in desperate need of new leadership.”

Read more here.

Bostonboy Steve Tyler is feuding with American Idol judges, even though he's not even on the show anymore, by accusing the judge who replaced him of being someone who would have rejected the young Bob Dylan. It's an interesting question, could a Bob Dylan arise in the current environment, or has the music industry become so shallow and commercialized that true musical innovators are blocked? Anyway, Tyler is grievously insulted in this article, not by the judge who called him a racist but by the Huffington Post writer who refers to him simply as "former "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler." Ouch! Someone should tell that writer that once upon a time Tyler used to be best known for fronting a little Boston based band named Aerosmith.
Read more here.

Is there anyone so partisan that they cannot enjoy this Christmas video of the White House dog?

Apparently yes, if you read the comments on the YouTube site here. Looking at some of the other White House videos I was surprised to discover that jam band king Warren Haynes was invited to the White House last February.


Tim said...

I definately think Steven Tyler is right Tom. BTW, I can't even believe he'd do that show. Shoot me if you ever hear I was listening to some fool that won American Idol. What a joke. Thank God for the Neil Youngs of the world who'd never do a show like that.

Anonymous said...

Nice quote from Penn Jillette.

I consider myself something of a libertarian, though I find myself shying away from the label, mostly because it's been sullied by the cult of Ron Paul. Please don't lump me in with them!

Something that resembles libertarianism seems to be on the rise in this country though I'm not sure that the younger generation really understands what it means. Libertarianism is about small government. It means that I can disapprove of my neighbor's behavior if I want, but I don't necessarily think it should be illegal except under a few very stringent conditions. It does not mean that a person is "pro-gay" or "pro-pot" or really pro-anything. It just means that they don't want the government involved in it. For gay marriage supporters out there, let me ask you this--if you want the government out of your bedroom, why the hell are you so obsessed with getting the government to sanction your relationship? It's not such a great deal , believe me. Been there, done that.