The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Tuesday I headed up the street....

To my quaint New England polling place.

At the polls I ran into John Andrulis of Northampton, the Republican state committeeman for Franklin and Hampshire counties.

I don't think the person driving this car to the polls was a Republican.

This Amherst voter appears lost in a time warp.

In the Florence section of Northampton generally there's a flag hanging in the main intersection.

But lately there's been a pumpkin.

Last week I went to South Hadley to pick pumpkins.

It is also a good place to buy delicious New England maple syrup.

This was a bumper year for pumpkins, and lots of farmers were stuck with unsellable quantities left to rot in the fields.

Ursa looked all over the pumpkin patch until she found just the right pumpkin.

Portrait of a man and his pumpkin by Ursa.

Northampton the morning after the election.


Anonymous said...

Ursa is incredibly cute!

Tim said...

Hey Tom. Thats an awesome album. That tune got that Rascals thang going on. "Can you imagine these space cadets in the dem party listening to a JFK speech these days. They'd be booing. Nice press conference by Liawatha today. "Articulate."

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