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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Money

In Amherst yesterday.

I spotted these holiday cannabis recipes too late for Thanksgiving, but they serve just as well as XMas treats.
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It looks like the President of Egypt is trying to turn himself into a new version of the tyrant he replaced. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but fortunately the people are rebelling anew.
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This map is interesting but somewhat misleading. Rural counties tend to be much larger in square miles than urban ones.

This video of Senator Rand Paul talking about George Orwell is essential viewing.

Wow, talk about spare change. This coin someone found turned out to be a Massachusetts Colonial coin worth over $400,000 dollars! It's sorta ugly and plain, and I suspect that if I ever did come upon such a thing I would probably throw it away. Besides, we Irish are lucky only in small things - and 400 G's is no small thing.
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Thanksgiving happened to fall on the anniversary of the death of JFK this year. They have a special ceremony in Springfield every anniversary and it's nice to see in this video that Charlie Ryan was among the participants. Ryan has always been a true Kennedy family admirer, which is proven by the fact that it was primarily the Kennedy's who opposed Ryan when he tried to unseat Eddie Boland back in '68. In politics if you still like the guys who were against you, you genuinely like them. See the video here.

This article does not make clear how this guy ended up naked in church.
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I told you so - Melvin Jones gets away with stealing all those pants.
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Azwan performing at Amherst Regional High School.

“Sometimes it seems there is so much cruelty and indifference in the world that the attainment of true happiness is impossible. Yet all of us seek it nonetheless.

“And how best to do this?

“The answer is different for each person...for each of us is unique. And therein lies the key to fulfillment.

“Go your own way. Do not be afraid to hold your own views or pursue your own long as you bring no harm to others.

“Make no unearned demand on any person, and accept no false claims on your own life. But do not hesitate to share that life freely with someone who will give you joy in return.

“And above all, never stop believing in yourself. For only you can realize your dreams.” - David F. Nolan

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