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The Baystate Objectivist

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A snowy stone bench in Hadley.

The view from that bench.

On the Nortwottock trestle across the mighty Connecticut.

Apparently the international superstar Miss B. was in Hamp for the holidays.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Many people are unaware that they had an invisible Christmas guest this year - The Taxman. Government greed was especially expensive for those who like to booze it up:

With Christmas parties, eggnog and relatives abound, holiday revelers enjoy an estimated $992 million in alcoholic beverages to celebrate the season. Savor the taste of your next mug of eggnog, because 56.31 percent of the price is taxes. Government guzzles 44.33 percent of your seasonal beer and drives up the price of your glass of wine at Christmas dinner by 32.77 percent. Sipping a soft drink won’t let you escape frosty government fees—27.98 percent, or $61 million in taxes, is attached to the cost of soda.

For more on government holiday humbug click here.

John F. Kennedy Jr. and Ted Kennedy Jr. in 1972.

Massachusetts' Democrats are dismayed by the announcement that Ted Kennedy Jr. will NOT be a candidate for U.S. Senate when John Kerry's seat becomes vacant this spring. I'm not surprised, Ted Jr. never showed any interest in a political career in the past and has built a life in Connecticut in the private sector. That he might move to Massachusetts and run was more a desperate daydream of Democrats trembling before the prospect of the return of Scott Brown than anything that was ever likely to happen.

Read more here.

JFK in hipster mode in 1957.

It feels like deja-vu all over again with this year's Valley Advocate Halos and Horns Awards going to villains like Michael J. Albano, Richie Neal and the Springfield Newspapers. Of course I've been absorbed for many months now in reconstructing the entire political history of Western Mass going back to 1973 (now working on 2002) and so it is with decidedly mixed emotions that the Advocate's list reminds me that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Read the list here.

I've never heard the argument in favor of fitness made so succinctly.

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Anonymous said...

What else can one say regarding one of the biggest hypocrites in the U.S. inventory?

Please write to JFK'S international counterparts and tell THEM what you think of him in this cabinet position. They already know he's a fraudulent shit-for-brains coward, but just confirm their intel and regain foreign respect for us little people.

Dave Cooke