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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Jory 9-22-93

The counter in the Amherst Cinema.

Luke Averill and his cool kids are playing at the Iron Horse Thursday.

Hey, I'm in this morning's paper, and not in the police report!

AMHERST — Tom Devine came to the new Survival Center building for lunch on its first day Monday.

“In every detail, it’s better than the old schoolhouse” where the center operated out of a basement for 34 years, he said. “I think people will get attached to this building. It will be a lot of fun getting used to a new way of doing things.”

Eighty people came through the doors at the new building at 138 Sunderland Road in the first 10 minutes Monday, and that’s how many used to come in the first hour, said program director Tracey Levy. Some came for lunch, while others came for free bread and produce. Many received bouquets of flowers donated by Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s.

I'd link to the rest of the story but it's behind a pay wall.

Happy news from the Supreme Court as a threat against property rights is successfully repelled. Read about it here.

Here are some great, rarely seen photos from John F. Kennedy's presidency. Click here.

Nude pictures of Lachowski have surfaced and appear to be authentic. In any case his management hasn't denied they are real, and in public relations circles if someone's management won't deny something then it probably means it's true. In any case, they're as hot as you'd expect. Check it here.

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