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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, December 14, 2012


While fooling with my camera in the Haymarket this morning I accidentally took this picture.

In Northampton we are less into the socialist Charles Dickens and more into the neurotic Charles Shultz. We also like Christmas trees that have branches that look like pot leaves. But what's with the backward P's?

The Peanuts kids are the coolest dancers.

Senator Scott Brown made his farewell statement to the public today in the Boston Globe, and as usual he comes across as a totally first class guy:

For the past three years, I have had the great honor and privilege of serving the people of Massachusetts in the Senate. Although I served for only three years, and losing this past election was disappointing, that disappointment is tempered by the great respect I have for the judgment of the people of this Commonwealth. To all the people of Massachusetts, I count myself in your debt, for the confidence you placed in me, and for allowing me to represent you.

When I arrived as a newcomer in the Senate, a lot of courtesies were extended to me. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren deserves and will receive the same over the coming weeks, as I look forward to helping my successor make a good start. Like me, she’ll be confronted with difficult choices and tough calls. I was encouraged to hear her say following the election that she recognized how people — including many who supported me — yearned for a new era of bipartisan cooperation, and that she would work in that spirit to help get things done. That’s a cause worthy of all our support, and I wish her the best.

To read Brown's full statement go here.

Let's look at pictures.

We need a sign like this in Northampton.
I am the grammar police.

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