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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, January 14, 2013

Built to Last

Who was the hack architect with political connections who designed the "new" courthouse? If not for the nearby presence of a house from the 1800's it would be a complete Orwellian nightmare.

Mr. Spock and a naked lady on Main Street.

Personally I prefer competence to caring from my politicians.

One thing I wish they would care about is all the money being poured wastefully down the rathole of failed "green" technology companies. The government is wrong to be funding any business (all businesses should compete on a level playing field, without any preferred firms getting an unfair advantage through government funds) but how many green companies must fail before we finally stop wasting our money, asks Bill Frezza in the Huffington Post:

Al Gore recently became richer than Mitt Romney not by inventing a new product or service that vastly reduces our carbon footprint, not by backing a slew of successful startups that did the same, but by selling the eyeballs of his fellow Americans to Arab oil interests. The derisive laughter coming from right wing fever swamps over the Al Jazeera sellout is deafening, as the chagrined mainstream media serves up nothing but crickets. Talk about crony capitalists who fake left and go right. Big Al had a net worth of perhaps $2 million when he left the White House and now stands to make $100 million in one transaction. And not a cleantech deal, mind you....

So ask yourselves, saviors of the planet, why do you fall so easily, time and again, for crony capitalists' too-good-to-be-true schemes designed to feast on public dollars? Wouldn't a wee bit of skepticism be in order when setting public policy? Don't you want this technology to actually work? For all our sakes, when doing your due diligence can you at least pretend that the money being flushed down a rathole is your own?

Read more here.

Fog begins to lift from the Connecticut River, near cove island, South Hadley. Photo by Robert Genest.

Devines are breeding like crazy. Here's the latest.

Built to last like cloudscapes in the sky.


Tim said...

Every video I see of the Dead from the 80's and 90's, has Bobby wearing shorts. I watched one last night, you gotta check out. I think the video has just been put up recently. Its a 15 minute "China Cat/Rider" from Venetta Ore. 1972. Unbelievable video. Plus its like 106 freaking degrees and Weir is wearing jeans. I think the early 70's, if I recall, wearing jeans was like mandatory or something. Remember "bathing suits?" Cutoff jeans.

Tom said...

Yes, that was the concert to save Kesey's farm. Great show that was filmed but never released in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

Recently on 45 people funded a startup chocolate maker from Amherst get going with about 2k. The fellow took the money and did not provide the product, and does not plan to. Was wondering if you would like more details to possibly do a story.


Tom said...

That's not the sort of story I usually do Anon, unless it involves political figures. Still you can email me some info if you want and I'll look at it and see what I think.