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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, February 1, 2013


Today is February the First and my neighbor put up Valentine decorations.

This was the view out the bus window leaving downtown Hamp this morning.

Bruegger's in Amherst has a mural on the wall that shows downtown Amherst, including itself.

However, the people in the mural have the blank-eyed stares of zombies.

My friends at SCREWY (Society for the Creative Realization of a Weirder You) made this classic video of a zombie invasion of Amherst, in which they attack (where else if searching for brains?) the Food For Thought bookstore.

The contentious (some would say bitter) battle for the booby prize of top Massachusetts Republican has been won by Kirsten Hughes (above with Bob Maginn and Rick Green) according to the Boston Globe.

NATICK -- Kirsten Hughes, a campaign aide to former US Senator Scott Brown whom he chose to lead the Massachusetts Republican Party through the upcoming election cycle, was voted state party chairman Thursday night in a contest so narrow that it briefly appeared to be a tie.

Hughes beat Rick Green, a Pepperell conservative who had galvanized activists with his anti-establishment appeal and pledge to grow the party from the grassroots.

The contentious fight over leadership had further divided the state’s minority party, which is still reeling from its losses in November and is preparing for an upcoming special election to fill John F. Kerry’s seat in the US Senate. Many thought that a loss for Brown’s candidate would leave him looking weak as he positions himself for another political move.

Of course today Scott Brown announced that he is not running, which should alter the race in any number of interesting ways, such as drawing more Democrats into the contest. And who will be the GOP standard bearer? To read more about the Hughes election click here.

A drawing of me writing.

Feminists still hate Mick Jagger for this song.


Anonymous said...

"However, the people in the mural have the blank-eyed stares of zombies."

No, that's just the way people are in Amherst. Art that's true to life--dig it!!

The Torch

Anonymous said...

So when did the Bay State Objectivist first come into being? Is there a way to find old copies from the early days?

The Torch