The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kill the Casino

Coming attractions.

A message of hope.

My friend's backyard is pretty this time of year.

Me out by the chicken coop.

My neighbors the Pedal People were in the Boston Globe Sunday. Click here.

Who are the noble citizens behind this subversive local website? People, these government controlled casino monopolies are a totally corrupt scam - government should have no role in the gambling business other than collecting taxes. VOTE THEM ALL DOWN! Check out the new local anti-casino site here.

luke by m.e.labonte


Steve Dondley said...

Consider moving your content to Tumblr and using that to blog. Much better platform.

Tom said...

I am thinking about that, Blogger was cool in its day but that day may have passed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, have you seen this?

Tom said...

Cool. Rand's heavy Russian accent and nervous shyness made her a somewhat ineffective advocate for her views in any other medium but writing. Still, her genius shines through. The clip also shows the caliber of old time late night TV before it became smutty and shallow. No such conversation could occur on any of the late night shows today.

Anonymous said...

actually the casino opponents are getting killed, happily