Saturday, April 7, 2018

City Clowncil

I'm dismayed, if not particularly surprised, by the irresponsible actions of the Springfield City Council in trying to prevent law enforcement from attempting to remove a person who is in the country illegally and currently attempting to escape justice by seeking refuge in a local church. A group of foolhardy councilors will try to bring a resolution next week before the council in an attempt to offer the fugitive that body's official support.

What are the esteemed councilors thinking? Do they think the immigration laws should not be enforced? Do they think that people should be allowed to sneak into the country without any consequences? Do they feel that new comers should not be medically examined to see if they are carrying infectious diseases? Do they feel they should not have their background checked to see if they have a criminal record, such as a history of violence or pedophilia? Do the esteemed councilors feel they should not be checked to see if they have ties to criminal gangs or terrorist groups? Because these are the very checks that do not occur whenever people sneak into the country illegally. When someone like the criminal alien hiding in the Springfield church are supported in their efforts, and by public officials no less, it only encourages others to try to sneak in as well.

It is also an insult to every American immigrant who entered this country through legal channels, and who went through the long and demanding process to legally obtain citizenship, for the councilors to suggest, as they do by their actions, that the standard should be simply that if you can get here than you can stay here. I'm especially disappointed in Councilors Tim Ryan and Mike Fenton, who once had reputations for having some commonsense, an appraisal that must now be downgraded in light of their participation in this current foolishness.

It snowed on Monday.

Then it snowed again on Friday.


This week the UMass Library had their Edible Book Festival. I think the Forbes in Northampton has had similar events.

Here's a tasty biography of Vincent Van Gogh.

Of course Springfield's Dr. Seuss had to be included, although The Lorax was not one of his better books.

Let's end with something a little thermonuclear. Observe former Pine Pointer Karl Mayfield at around 1:25.


Anonymous said...

As usual Tommy, you nailed the issue with crystal clarity.

Anonymous said...

Tom, it's politics. I see a couple of potential candidates for Mayor in the picture. I am kind of surprised to see one of them. But it is a minority City, so they go where the votes are.
I give Sarno credit for doing the RIGHT thing.

M.J. Ogulewiz

Anonymous said...

All the city council can think of is that this will buy them some votes. It also will cost them some votes. . . one being mine!

Billy M.

Tim said...

I’d say, given the current climate in the DNC, this is a great virtue signalling move for young people looking to move up in the global socialist party.