Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bike Day!

Coming down King Street, I came upon these stakes in the ground, with the word "tree" on them.

I assume that means that the city intends to plant a tree wherever there are those stakes. If so, then that is good news. I'm old enough to remember when King Street was a shady, tree-lined corridor of leaves. Unfortunately, at the same time it was always way too crowded with traffic. In response, the city in the 1980's had the street widened, but in doing so, they cut down every single tree on the street, including some that were over a hundred years old. The lack of trees left the street with the appearance of a barren, sterile highway where once there had been bucolic charm. Planting a few trees at this late date wouldn't hurt, although it won't help that much either. Anyway, better late than never.

Soon I arrived at the festivities celebrating Bike Day!

Free food and coffee was available to all passerby.

WHMP was broadcasting live from the event; here's Monte Belmonte producing The Bill Newman Show.

Here's me and my neighbor Ruthie the Pedal Person solemnly surveying the scene.

In a Main Street window.

In the Haymarket Cafe.

With the school year ending, these trucks are seen everywhere.

Maybe this dude in Amherst has the right idea of what to do with a bicycle on Bike Day - ride it to UMass and take a snooze by the campus pond.

Rumors were rampant that the Share Coffee House (nee Raos) was going out of business. Now that seems less likely as the going out of business signs have been taken off the doors. Whatever happens, here's a little film I made of their musical entertainment last Sunday.

MGM Casino will be opening in Springfield, Massachusetts real soon!
This photo shot on Main Street looking North.
May 12 2018 photo by Jeff Ziff.

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