Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Today is 8-8-18. This commemorative meme seems upbeat, but what does it even mean?

Lord have mercy, I recall when the date was 8-8-88 thirty years ago!

Hey Time, slow the fuck down!

Wow, look at this fractal quilt on display in the UMass Grad Research Library. That's some fancy stitching!

Have you checked out Amherst's Share Coffee in its new location? It used to be located in the old Raos Coffee space behind the church. It has moved into the former location of that snobby restaurant Chez Albert.

It is a smaller space, but still very cool.

Hey, guess who is back in town! Local musician extraordinaire Luke Averill has returned from various adventures and is now reunited with his old band And the Kids.

Here he is in 2012, second from left, on the cover of the Valley Advocate.

Here is a video of Luke playing on the streets of Northampton I took ten years ago.

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