Wednesday, January 9, 2019


As you may have heard, Tumblr is now banning all content that they consider pornographic. It is part of a trend among many once edgy sites to de-pornify themselves so they can go big time mainstream. I have a Tumblr called Tumblin' Thomas but I thought the ban would have no effect on me, since I never post pornographic content, or so I thought. It turns out that Tumblr feels that at least a few of the things I've posted since I joined in 2013 no longer meet their decency standards. Who knew? Here are some of the offending images and a video.

Well okay, maybe this Easter greeting was a bit bold.

What on Earth? How can any image of Justin Bieber be considered obscene?


Um, no comment.

I thought this Friday the 13th post was funny, not dirty. (click to enlarge)

A 1981 picture of a shirtless Jim Neill talking on the phone is pornographic? It must have been the white jeans that sent the lust levels to unacceptable heights.

Then again, apparently their standards of what's obscene are sometimes quite accurate.

Finally, c'mon, this ain't pornie, it's cute!

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