Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Littleton Street

I'm best known in the Valley as being a guy from Pine Point, but not too many know that when I was a little kid I lived in Hungry Hill at 151 Littleton Street.

Both my parents grew up in the Point, but when my father got out of the service, they couldn't afford a house in their old neighborhood. Therefore, we lived on the Hill until they could afford to return to their beloved Pine Point.

My main memory of that period is how when I was in kindergarten at Liberty School, I once got my parents to agree to let me sleep in the big, old garage behind the house in a wagon (blue, not red) with some blankets and pillows. My parents were just humoring me, thinking that when I was alone in the dark I would quickly decide to come inside to the safety of my own bed.

They were wrong.

When my parents decided they were going to bed (and both were real night owls), my father had to come out and carry me back inside. I remember how I was so disappointed to wake up and discover that somehow I had ended up back in my own bed. Anyway, here's a video I made on a visit to my kiddie stomping grounds last week.

The plans for the Extravaganja 2019 are up, which you can check out here. One of the bands featured is Shobazoba, a band that was involved in a controversy some years back for being cancelled by Hampshire College for being too white! Here's a video of their music:

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