Thursday, January 20, 2022

Smart Move


A pile of snow in downtown Northampton. 



Retired Nohodomer Jim Neill on Main street after the storm.

All is cozy beneath the cathedral moonscape art in the Haymarket Cafe. 


The entire Valley rejoiced at the news that Northampton would not commit the folly of imposing the fascist-style mandate (show your papers!) of requiring vaccine passports in order to enter most local businesses. 



That would have been an absolute disaster for a downtown that is already struggling to fill vacant store fronts. 


Besides being economically destructive, a vaccine mandate would also have been unscientific. As Northampton Director of Public Health Merridith O'Leary pointed out, the mandate was a solution in search of a problem, stating "The breakthrough cases are proving that the vaccine is not stopping transmission." 

So in other words, why cripple those businesses still struggling to survive by imposing a vaccine mandate that the science proves would have accomplished nothing? Now the next question is, when can we abandon the equally senseless indoor mask mandate? 

In any case, well done Northampton! 

Silent Cal, the former Mayor of Northampton and the only resident of Western Mass to be elected President, definitely would have approved. 



Here are some proud homeowners in Northfield, Massachusetts in 1898.

Gone but not forgotten. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Going Under


Having a drink at the Haymarket Cafe



Oh no! Tim's Used Books next door has closed!

They seemed like such a perfect commercially complementary pair, pick up a book at Tim's and then read it while having a coffee at the Haymarket.  Behind the rental sign there remains only a single, greenish book on display. 

Closer examination reveals that it is a treatise on Herman Melville, but one whose title may express an ulterior meaning. 



One downtown business that is definitely not going under is Local Burger

Their tasty burgers never fail to attract customers! Too bad books don't sell like burgers. 

A bored crowd at a Northampton City Council meeting in 2008.

photo by dann vazquez

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra is a cover band. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

On Main


I was in downtown Springfield recently.



Main Street has never looked more rundown. 



 The casino has definitely failed to revitalize Main Street as once hoped. 



There is a nice manger scene on Court Square. 

But to the city's enduring shame, nearby there is still the logo of a racist hate group defiling the road in front of City Hall. 

Meanwhile, in Northampton, the Woodstar Cafe has preserved outdoor dining by putting fire pits by the tables. 

La Fiorentina, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. July 5, 2021


photo by jeff ziff



Friday, December 31, 2021


The UMass Minuteman this morning protecting the fog shrouded library on the last day of the year. 


Earlier this week I was at The Tavern in Westfield with two of my sisters, Donna and Bev. 

I like the new sidewalks on King Street in Northampton. 

A Brandon enthusiast left their mark. 

Rudi was a proud Pine Pointer who grew up on Denver Street. 

Start of a Holyoke snowstorm, 2013.

photo by greg saulmon