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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Loose Pics

Pictures and a controversial video.

Anybody who has spent any time with me in person knows what a shutterbug I am. Wherever I go I'm always taking pictures! Sometimes I tie them together under a common theme, like in yesterday's entry which used a variety of pictures taken at various times and united them by their relation to the Norwottock Rail Trail. Some photos however, are worth putting up but pretty much stand alone. As I continue to clear out my camera to create some memory storage room, here are a sampling of those kinds of photos.

I like how my neighbor got all psychedelic with his trash can in Amherst.

Another neighbor's mailbox might have been meant to be pretty in pink, except in its current condition it would more accurately be dubbed pathetic in pink.

This weird message appeared recently on the crosswalk at North Prospect Street. What could it possibly mean?

Amherst's French restaurant had this to say on its blackboard last weekend.

This Amherst gallery is selling a gorgeous painting of the Pioneer Valley as it appeared in olden times.

My neighbor's house was built in 1750.

Today UMass is considered the center of the Amherst universe, but we forget that there are many things in town that predate the University.

Speaking of UMass, for some mysterious reason the grounds crew tore out all the bushes in front of the Goodell building, thereby exposing this previously hidden engraving revealing the building's age.

Some video has surfaced of the Andrew Card honorary degree ceremony last June at UMass that is quite disturbing in a number of ways. For one, the rudeness of the reception he received is unforgivable. No matter what you think of the man's politics, no one deserves to be treated that way while a guest of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On the other hand, it's sort of creepy how the cops were filming the audience. Where will that footage end up and what will be done with it?


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you find it creepy that the police were filming the event. There was certainly a reasonable belief that a violent act could occur, and the cameras would not only capture it, but also be a deterrent to it. Imagine the outrage by the same people who hate or fear the cops if something did happen and every precaution was not taken to prevent it.

Tommy said...

I suppose you are right. If they hadn't filmed it and something serious had happened they would have been in serious trouble. As is so often the case, it was a no win situation for the cops.

LarryK4 said...

And if it were not for the stained blue dress Clinton would never have been impeached.

Hard evidence is a good thing.

Bill Dusty said...

Was there a "Don't" underneath (before) the "Talk" on that crosswalk?

Anonymous said...

ok, I understand the filming, I guess, but why did they have to remove their banners and signs?

Jason Burkins said...

I met and spoke at length with Andy Card 14 years ago when he came to campaign in the Big Y parking lot in Longmeadow for a former colleague from the H.W. Bush White house. (hint: that colleague is now a very popular current Spfld. city councilor. At the time he was running for state representative.

This was long before he became W.'s Chief of Staff. Card is a real gentleman, very down to earth and very loyal to his friends. I am not a big Bush fan and I think he is owed a lot of criticism for many things, but the way they treated Card is disgraceful. It was ugly, immature and rude. How does that kind of behavior honor the graduates that were there after four or more years? Wasn't it supposed to be their day? Instead everyone heard about the crowd's reaction to Card. You want to make your point, make it. But do so with a level of maturity that might reflect positively on your point of view and add credibility. What they did did more to hurt their cause then help it.

I am a big free speech advocate. But in my opinion, with the privilege and right to free speech comes a responsibility to ones own self to utilize that speech in a way that reflects well upon him or her. The way they conducted themselves on graduation day was nothing short of disgraceful to themselves, the University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Tim said...


They have to film those louts that go insane every time the Red Sox or Patriots do something good, (which is alot more often than some N.Y. teams these days). So why not film the protesters of Card? In case something happened. Mostly its just going to end up being viewed by the cops themselves and laughed at probably. You know like "Hey Joe, did you see this f'ing moonbat with the stupid hat?" You know that kind of stuff.