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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rail Trail Scenes

Assorted Photos.

Now that I no longer have Andy's laziness to blame for my not walking the rail trail, you might think I am now keeping faithfully to my exercise regime. If so, you should guess again. How annoying to discover that your excuse was just an excuse not to do what you didn't want to do anyway. It's called reality without excuses.

I hate when that happens.

However, I have occasionally gone rail trailing, and I've sometimes taken pictures as well. These snaps have been accumulating in my camera, so it's time to clear them out.

Recently there were vandals afoot on the trail. Apparently they were spraycan wielding Anarchists calling for chaos!

The Anarchists seem to have been accompanied by their close friends and allies the Dadaists and Absurdists, who used the spray paint to write - what else?

Lest anyone object, someone (an Arts Major?) wrote this warning:

This graffiti is a call for courage.

While this one reminds us of what we too often forget.

All the farms in Hadley have switched from growth to harvest mode, as evidenced by this truck parked along the rail trail overflowing with fresh potatoes.

The only place to buy any refreshments on the rail trail is at Sophia's Polish Restaurant which has this giant Coke bottle ad outside. It is quite effective, whenever I see it I feel compelled to go in and purchase some of the world famous caramel colored sugar water.

If you like your rail trail refreshments free and lo-calorie than go on a bit and you will come upon the public fountain and air-tire oasis created by Country Nissan of Route Nine.

No one minds this graffiti, scrawled as an expression of gratitude.

The Springfield City Council recently took away the licence of a trouble-making store. Yet the store owners apparently have been operating anyway. Good citizen Bill Dusty however used his trusty camera to record the violation for all to see. It may not be an earth shattering issue, but this again is a perfect example of the new citizen media - we are armed (with cameras) we have access to mass audiences and we are determined to expose wrong doing in every field. Evil politicians, crooked businessmen and bad actors everywhere beware! Your day is done.

Finally, if you are up late tonight don't forget to check out the really cool lunar eclipse.

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