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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow Day

The Aftermath.

I'm currently staying in a sober place that only lets me out ten hours a day. It seems like a bit much sometimes, being supervised so much at my age, but it's what's necessary in order to make sure I don't relapse. If I go down again like I went down last time, I'm not sure I have what it takes to come back. So it really is a life or death matter.

The time I have to report back by is five o'clock, so I left Amherst yesterday on the 3:00 bus, thinking that despite the terrible snowstorm then underway I was being more than cautious by leaving myself two hours to get to Northampton. The trip by bus usually takes about forty minutes.

Can you believe I didn't reach Northampton until ten past five? The snow was so bad that at times we were actually at a complete standstill on Route Nine. Even when we were moving, it was often no faster than a walk! Because it was so bad out I didn't get in any trouble for being late, but it was certainly a ridiculous bus ride.

By this morning the snow had stopped and when I came outside - Oh my God! Look at my street!

My neighbor was hard at work trying to get her car in movable condition.

Downtown the snow was piled high in the middle of the streets.

All the merchants had to clear their sidewalks and steps.

This is Northampton two weeks ago.

This is Northampton this morning.

Lucky for the nude dude in front of the courthouse he's made of bronze.

At UMass, the grounds crew were dumping snow on the esplanade in front of the Fine Arts Center.

They did so in order to clear the way for the students to walk safely to class.

Mother Nature loves balance. Since last winter was so mild, this winter is shaping up to be the reverse. In fact, there is supposedly another major storm due this weekend!

Changes in our natural environment often causes a change in people, and it is hard not to feel exhilarated after a major snowstorm.

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