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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

My adventures.

As I continue my orgy of selfless service to humanity, today I was working at the Northampton Center for the Arts. Outside its location in the old Northampton High School it has these marbles made of marble balancing on a cement slab in apparent defiance of gravity.

Me and some of my brothers in recovery had to set up all these tables and chairs for some shindig the Arts Center is putting on tonight. The room it will be held in was once the school's auditorium.

Moving all those tables and chairs was a little too much like work for my taste. If I'm gonna work that hard, I may as well get a real job and get paid!

Looking out the Arts Center window was this view of Smith College.

It was Smith College in the late 1800's that paid my ancestor's boat fare to America from Ireland. They had to work for Smith doing menial jobs for several years in return until the boat fare was repaid. Once they did they hightailed it out of Hamp to Springfield where all the factory jobs were. None of my family members ever lived in Northampton again until I moved there while in college about a century later.

After we finished at the Arts Center, we went across the street to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee.

Then I had to go see my psychiatrist. She has a huge Van Gogh print in her waiting room.

At least I assume it's a print. I doubt the taxpayers are paying her enough to see people like me to afford the original!

After seeing my shrink I was just in time to catch the end of the Gay Pride parade. As you might expect, Northampton businesses had the welcome mat out.

Here's a video I made of the float bearing Lascivious Lezzie and her Go-Go Boyz.


LarryK4 said...

Damn! Talk about synchronicity. I crossed over the bridge from the People’s Republic to check out the parade and the only video I tried to take was of Lascivious Lezzie and her Go-Go Boyz! Naturally my batteries died. Bummer. They were wicked into it.

I also saw Leo Maley the new Chair of the Amherst Democratic Town Committee marching in pretty close proximity. I, of course, couldn’t resist pointing out the absence of anti-war signs in the parade.

The Dem’s you may remember boycotted the Amherst July 4’th Parade last year because we don’t allow political signs of any kind—other than celebrating the birth of the greatest nation on earth.

Tim said...

Hey Tom,

Noitce the car in front of Dunkin' Donuts? Is that an old Studebaker? The guy driving looks like Michael Caine in some old British movie.