The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, October 31, 2008


What a difference a year makes.

At the drive-up window outside the Northampton Banknorth branch is this video contraption that allows you to see yourself.

Arriving for work at the bank itself was a witch.

At UMass someone hung a little ghost from a tree by the road.

Who did it? Perhaps it was the person that came to UMass riding this Halloween bike.

Arriving at the Amherst Survival Center a pumpkin welcomed me.

Inside was the Foodbank Fairy and her assistant.

Heather was a fright in this wig.

No one had ever seen Rob in a suit and tie before.

Chris and me.

A year ago on Halloween I was in rehab. This Halloween is a lot more fun.

Someone sent me this picture of a heart attack on a plate.

In case you want to help someone commit suicide, here's the recipe.


dieter said...


Anonymous said...

The Amherst Survival Center looks like a fun place!

Marcia Crowley said...

So you want to decriminalize grass: for the affluent whites in places like Westwood and the white hippy types in Amherst.

But the likely black drug dealers all the pot smokers buy from? Who cares! Let them go to prison.

Let's pay more money for putting blacks in prison, and have their records permanently available to all prospective employers to make sure they never have a chance at a real job so that your pals can get high!

Let the whites in richie rich Westwood (letter to the editor today in the Globe from a westwoodian) get their dope! Who cares that the so-called War on Drugs is aimed at putting blacks in prison for decades!

Not you. Not him. Not those who voted to get their high and the heck with the victims who will go to prison for years for selling it to the spoiled rotten rich dopeheads and leftover hippies.