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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haymarket Halloween

Assorted weirdness.

There was plenty of tell-tale evidence this morning that last night was Halloween.

These Amherst residents obviously didn't want any trick or treaters.

However at the nerve center of Valley bohemianism, Northampton's Haymarket Cafe, all kinds of crazies were out and about. The most popular disguise this year was to dress up as a monster. No, not political monsters, even though they are the scariest kind!

I mean these kind of monsters, like this one ordering the vegetarian special at the Haymarket.

Of course vampires never go out of style.

Here's a video covering the whole scene. The nearly naked guy on the newspaper box is the current street musician sensation.

While at the Haymarket I ran into my friend Zak. He has many tattoos.

In fact he just got a new one put on his back just that afternoon! When he took off his shirt to show me, I saw there was a blood stain on the bandage.

Here's what it looked like with the bandage removed. Pretty cool eh?

Why don't I get a tattoo? Here's why.

Downstairs at the UMass library there's various glass cases creating a history display about the UMass football team.

My Great-Uncle Steve Willis played football for UMass in the early 1920's. He then went on to play professionally for the now defunct Springfield Acorns. Come and check out the display and learn all about this exciting chapter in Western Mass sports history.


Tony said...

That guy singing should be making recordings immediately. It's hard to tell, but I wonder if he's the same guy in this video taken last May:

Don said...

Two notes regarding the musical clip. First, the lyric is probably that of Eric Andersen, usually associated with the NYC folk scene, listed as Weir's collaborator on the piece. Second, the designation 'Wall of Sound' referring to the monster behind the band in 73-74, should not obscure how thunderous the band was without it, especially circa 67-71. In fact, one of its many virtues, the crystalline sonic quality, occasionally exposed the Hart-less, Pen-less relative thinness of the sound. Still, careful attention belies the 'mellowness' charges that the band began attracting back then.

Tommy said...

Don, you are an astute scholar of the Dead!

Tony, yes it's hard to be sure with his clothes on, but I'd say that's the same guy. I want to get his name, but everytime I see him he's singing and I don't want to interrupt.

Don said...

How much of the money that goes to support the Amherst Survival Center comes either directly from State tax funds, or indirectly, because e. g. charitable private money is freed up when State resources are available for other purposes, and, of course, is deductible? The point being that a vote, either way, on an issue like #1 should be informed by a weighing of ALL the relevant consequences.