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The Baystate Objectivist

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Normal

Good riddance holidays.

Some mornings I get coffee at this 7/11 on King Street in Northampton. Like most convenience stores, it's sorta ugly.

However, it is redeemed by having the ultra-cool Bob's Hobbies in the same building.

In this Hamp Starbucks Congressman Neal was spotted on New Year's day.

This afternoon I went to a pro-panhandling rally in Hamp. Here the citizens display their solidarity against oppression.

The brave and sexy agitator Caty Simon.

Multi-media personality Kelsey Flynn was there showing her happy feet.

Channel Three interviewed Bill Dusty.

Yesterday I was in Springfield. I needed batteries for my camera so I stopped in at Gateway Hardware and bought some from owner Tommy McCarthy, who ran for State Representative against Paul Caron in 1996.

Here's a sight I thought I'd never see.

Giving me a ride downtown later on was John Lysak and his charming wife.

John will be running for City Council this year from the ward representing Pine Point, Boston Road and Indian Orchard. Also running may be Gloria DeFillipi and Bud Williams. Sue Craven is also said to be manuevering behind the scenes.

On Election Night in 2003 I was standing onstage behind Charlie Ryan when he made his victory speech upon being elected mayor, which caused me to appear on the front page of the Springfield newspaper.

Here's the rat that ruined it all - Charlie and Dom Sarno at a 2005 fundraiser.

Charlie and former Pine Point resident Tom Reilly at the same event.

Yesterday I made this video in downtown Pine Point.


Caty said...

I definitely do *not* look sexy in that picture, though I do look sexy in many.

Don said...

Caty, you do, in a goofy sort of way--keep in mind that 'sexy' is in the eye of the beholder. But where's the stoned-out looking guy from previous photos?

Mike Henry said...

Does NoHo have an ordinace that requires permits to hold demonstrations like that? Or is that a Mass wide law?

Anonymous said...

panhandlers are mostly dirty parasites who provide a depressing form of entertainment with their ignorant rude behavior