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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A History Mystery

Can you identify this company?

Me this afternoon at the World Headquarters with my freshly started New Year's mustache.

Nancy and Sluggo got a little psychedelic for the New Year.

Not much time to post today, but I did want to ask your help in solving a mystery.

I've been going through some old family photos. The shame is people never think to write anything on the back of them so that the people of the future have some idea of what they are looking at. Sometimes the photo developer stamped something on the back that would at least tell you when they were developed. For example, looking through some old family photos I saw that on the following two photos this was on the back.

Although partially obscured, I believe the date is 1952. In 1952 my grandparents moved from Bay Street in ol' Pine Point to 449 Springfield Street in Wilbraham. These pictures must have been taken shortly after they moved in.

I also came across this undated picture of my grandfather with a baby who is probably my mother.

I have no idea where the picture was taken, but I'd be surprised if it was not local. My grandparents were not travelers, especially with a young child. Yet unfortunately nothing is written on the back. However notice the sign reading Harris Silk Hosiery Co. in the background. I fed the name into the mighty Google but it came up blank. Okay you Valley historians, does anyone recognise the company name or have any info?


Bill Dusty said...

Tommy, I did a book seach and came up with an excerpt that said the Harris Silk Hosiery Co. was in Springfield, MA. The date was early 1900s...

Tony said...

At the intersection of St. James Ave and Tapeley street in Spfld. there is a small odd shaped brick building that's housed Jackson Hosiery for a long time...

Tommy said...

Gee, I'm embarrassed by how quickly you guys could find the answer after I failed completely when I tried to look!

dominique said...

Are you at ODT in the Amherst Carriage Shops? They sell interesting and unique world maps.

Jim said...

Harris Silk Hosiery Company was located at 311 Page Blvd. In 1927 it was capitalized at $500,000. President was Edgar G Harris. V Pres was Fred Scarborough of Philadelphia Pa. Clerk was Walter C Harris. Treasurer M. Hazen Chase and Asst Treasurer was John M Willams this was all in City Directory of 1935.

In December of 1938, the Harris Company was liquidated. there was a long article in the Springfield Union blaming the inaction of the city and Chamber for not helping more to try to keep it open. sounds like they wanted the city to help Bail them out. they felt the Chamber of Commerce should have helped, but they did not. they needed $10,000 to keep going. The company criticized the Chamber for going after new businesses but not helping old ones.

Tommy, if you give me your address I will send you a copy of the articles.

Jim Boone History buff

Tommy said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the great research. My Uncle Steve lived on Page Boulevard, so that is probably one reason why they went there since it was so close by.