The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brown in Holyoke

And West Springfield

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown was campaigning for Tuesday's showdown for Ted Kennedy's old seat in Holyoke this morning, as seen in these Kyle Burns photos.

Among the visiting dignitaries was the Westfield Knapiks, mayor and state senator. That's Longmeadow's Mary Rogeness in back wearing red.

This supporter wants to make sure everyone knows that he is not paid to be there, like many of those onstage at rallies for Martha Coakley.

A new definition of blue and red.

A worker breaking free of her union's demands.

The Brown bus arrives.

The next senator from Massachusetts?

Tom Wesley, one of the candidate's running to defeat Congressman Richard Neal.

Earlier there was a Brown rally in West Springfield along Riverdale Road.

Neal's other challenger Dr. Jay Fleitman.


Anonymous said...

Brown will win a glorious victory!

Anonymous said...

A Brown victory could help save our country. On 12/16/09 Obama secretly made an executive order giving interpol immunity from our laws and tax exempt status. Interpol is an international police force that enforces international law and the are now above every law in our ountry including criminal.

cinder joans axe mistress ;-) said...

hey it's me!

thanks tom.