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The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Generation

The Kids are Alright

This video is so hopeful it will bring tears to your eyes.

Sick of it All

This is the kind of spontaneous, grassroots expression of support for a candidate one likes to see:

What is less welcome is the non-stop string of obnoxious political ads clogging the Massachusetts airwaves from both parties. That ominous music playing behind the Coakley attack ads is so corny, and Scott Brown's wife should have forbidden him to wear that ugly grey sweater in all his ads.

But this is what we always say we miss in Massachusetts, where in most races the Republicans spend no money because they figure they can't win, and the Democrats won't spend any because they think they can't lose. Now with a real horserace on our hands we are finally seeing all the campaign money being spent on our airwaves for a change, which just goes to show - beware what you wish for.

I'm not sure what this book advertised in the window of Northampton's gaystore is about and I'm a little afraid to find out.

I'm happy to see from this poster that the band Yes is still touring.

Yes had a great career in the early 70's before they were mercilessly savaged by punk enthralled critics who felt they had to despise anyone who could play their instrument. May their longevity be their revenge.

Meanwhile Northampton's Orphan Glove Project has provided a field day for pranksters.

In a cynical mood, Paolo Mastrangelo once called this tune the Northampton theme song.

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That video was very inspiring!