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The Baystate Objectivist

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dotcom

Do you know whose birthday it is today? No not Mr. Lesh (see below) but the birth of the first dotcom! 1985's most lasting contribution turned out to
be three letters and a punctuation mark! Huffington Post explains:

The growth of .com, it must be noted, did not come quickly. Only five companies followed the footsteps of the Cambridge-based computer manufacturer Symbolics, Inc. when it registered the first .com on March 15, 1985. By the late 1980s, about 100 .coms existed, which included now tech powerhouses IBM, Intel, AT&T and Cisco. It wasn't until 12 years later, in 1997, a year after President Clinton signed the landmark 1996 Telecommunications Act, that .com names passed the 1 million mark.

To read all the details of the evolution of the dotcom go here.


Former Valley media dude Dan Yorke last week.

Train tracks in Palmer.

Passing by the courthouse in Northampton Friday night I saw this sign advertising an art show.

It was art by The Hilltown Painters and others featuring downtown Hamp landmarks like The Calvin Theater.

Raos in downtown Amherst has opened after renovations. Here is owner Bob Lowry in the coffeeshop Saturday night.

The renovations were modest but nice. The hopelessly scruffed linoleum floor was replaced with wood.

A useless counter was taken out to expand the seating capacity. Stop by and check out the changes for yourself. You'll like them.

The car in front of me passing through Amherst.

Speak No Hate

The Music Section

John Hiatt on Letterman last week.

Wanna hear something that'll make you feel old? Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead turns 70 today.


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Tim said...

Hey now Tom! Many more Phil. Letterman still has the best music. I often put up with his angry 21st century personna to see who's going to be on. Last week he had the Drive By Truckers who have a new album. Jim Gaffigan was on just before him. Good, funny, clean comedian you can usually watch with the family without wanting to crawl under the couch.

Happy St. Pats by the way. Slainte.'