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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Pattys!

More From the Vault

This is a day for the Irish to get drunk and sentimental. Personally I'll forego the drunk part and go straight to the nostalgia trip with these gems from deep in the catacombs of my legendary vaults.

Here's a photo strip of my Grandmother Devine in 1906.

Here is my Grandfather White at Five Mile Pond in 1930.

My father in his scout uniform in 1940.

My father's boyhood friend Doug Ariel ran against Stanley Zarod for State Rep in 1972. When he ran for mayor of Springfield the year before it was my first exposure to a political campaign.

This is a bus ticket. They used to pass them out at school every Monday in strips of ten, and God help you if you lost them, since you couldn't get on the bus. The Springfield Street Railway Company was the private firm that ran the busses before the government took over as the PVTA, and the prices rose as the service declined.

If you lost bus tickets and had to walk it might very well take you so long that you would need one of these.

Marc Walker in a picture taken in 1979. Marc was a member of Destiny's Defeat, the Point's first real rock band. He died five years ago of an accidental drug overdose. In fact of the five members only one is still alive. I guess destiny really did defeat them.

It's hard to believe that in two weeks it will be a mindblowing thirty fuckin years since this Martian Highway concert at UMass.

Me and my bike in 1982.

Neal Under Pressure

Congressman Richard Neal found his Milford office under seige from angry Tea Partiers yesterday. Read the full account here.

Assorted Shots

Bruce Adams photo of the Springfield St. Patrick's Day Committee at City Hall this morning.

Radio dudes Bill Dwight and Monte Belmonte doing a charity gig in downtown Northampton today.

My friend Zak's new restaurant Eclipse in downtown Northampton is opening today. Go check it out!

The hot new spring fashion statement.

Me in the great wide open this afternoon atop Amherst's Mount Pollux.

The Music Section

Trevor: The bald version.

Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Starplane turns 69 today. Here's a picture of him I took at the Springfield Civic Center sometime in the Seventies.


Alter said...

It is beautiful on top of Mount Pollux.

Anonymous said...

I was at that Martian Highway show....

Alex Chilton (of Box Tops and Big Star fame..) passed away in New Orleans yesterday at the age of 59

L said...

I was sitting here trying to compile a list of venues and bands I'd seen over the years. Memory being what it is/was I ended up using Google a bit and kept tripping over your blog.

We must have run into each other back in the day but never met. Peter Mitchell from Martian Highway was a high school & college friend who I still see once a year or so. The parties in Leverett where Peter and Carl lived that I haven't thought about in years, The Foreign Objects used to practice in my livingroom in Belchertown, I'd forgotten about Rahar's completely. Still miss Sheehan's and the Rusty Nail.

Your blog brought back some memories of things I had forgot about long ago, Thanks

Dloomis494 said...

If anyone blogging still is in touch with Pete Mitchell or Carl, please tell them that Dean from the 22nd floor JQA says hello.