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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wilbraham Cop

Tells his Tragic Tale.

Wow, listen to this shocking video about what went down in the Springfield suburb of Wilbraham, Massachusetts.


Bumperstickers I would put on my car if I had one.

Eclipse Plus

Hey my buddy Zak has opened his new restaurant called Eclipse. Here he is working in the kitchen this morning.

It's a real classy joint. Dig this artistic shiny wooden eclipse embeded in the floor.

Here's the bar area. Ya gotta check this place out for yourself! It is located in the heart of downtown Northampton by City Hall.

A biker observes a painter at UMass yesterday. Things are quiet while the students are on Spring Break.

When I was young you could always tell the upper class kids at UMass from the scholarship kids because the ones with money came back to campus from Spring Break with tans while the rest of us were still winter white because we had to stay in the area to work jobs.

The Music Section

Too cool.

Beyond cool.


Mary said...

I'll have to try that new restaurant!

Larry said...

I was in my early 20s when I first started work in construction. The company I worked for always got accomadations wherever the job was. I got to know them when they built a sewerage treatment plant at Wilbraham Academy.

I worked next door at the Drugstore/Luncheonette where the crew ate lunch. Next job was the Naukeag Inn & Sanatorium/Hospital in Ashburnham Mass, on the N.H. line near Sunset Lake.

Nice area, except we started the job in November. We had a storm that kept us inside for a week, except for moving 3' of snow off our jobsite. It was a Alcohol Rehab Facility. A "Drunk" drove through a fence out onto the old "cesspool" and sunk! The state made them do a new Sewer Plant.

While being kept inside because of the weather, I met a young Woman of 24. She was all black & blue with bruises, 2 black eyes etc. We got talking, and I asked her about the bruises. She told me her husband beats her. Being naive as I was back then, I asked her why he beat her. She replied "Because I drink". So I stupidly asked again, "Why do you drink?" She said "Because He Beats ME"!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you picked up on that Alex Chilton thing....