The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Old Glory over downtown Northampton. The landmark digital clock on the right of the Silverscape building has been out of order for a few weeks now.

The clock used to have a problem with lightbulbs that kept burning out, until they replaced it with a fully digital model that didn't use them. However, soon that new version began giving wildly inaccurate times until finally it was shut off completely.

However, the clock atop the tower of the centuries old First Church keeps perfect time and can always be relied upon.

There's been a problem with misbehaving bears in the Valley lately, but this one on Main Street decided to go respectable and earn an honest living.

Willie Nile performing in Springfield Thursday night.

Northampton's Bucketman slumming on the streets of Springfield by Jeff Ziff.

Wrecking crew at Tech by Greg Metzadakis.

Dark clouds over Springfield by Anthony Mateus .

Do what thou will is the whole of the law....

See you next week people, have fun!


Anonymous said...

Tommy you make an unconvincing cop!

Tim said...

Tom, Willie Nile was great the other night but without the keyboards there wasn't much from "Streets of New York." That "album" from 06' is like "Blonde on Blonde" or "Blood on the Tracks." Yeah, THAT GOOD, imho.

Don Schneier said...

I just adore blueberry tarts