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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, March 27, 2011

St. Mike's

Well folks, here's yet another one of my cheerful cemetery posts! I was in Pine Point over the weekend, where I now know more people under the ground than above it. Some of the underground ones I visited at Saint Michael's.

However some of the more interesting tombstones in the place belong to people I never knew. For example by chance I stumbled upon the tragic grave of Conor Reynolds.

No doubt there are tragic stories behind many of these graves. This beautiful orb commemorates someone who died in the 1800's at only 26 years of age.

Here's something a little odd that someone placed on a grave - a lobster in a clear container! My mother was a big fan of Maine lobsters, but I'm not sure I'd put one on her grave. Oh well, there is no right or wrong to such things.

I remember reading once about some eccentric philosopher who used to walk around with a lobster on a leash. When asked why he was using a lobster to guide his way, he would reply, "Because it knows the deep."

Here is a little video I made showing the grave of south Valley Congressman Edward P. Boland, and his less famous but well loved graveyard neighbor.

Soon I was back in Northampton, where there are no lobsters but where dragons lurk.

In recent weeks there have been protests and counter-protests in Northampton each weekend, where the participants are usually well behaved. But this week things got a little tense as you can see in the video below.

Upside down "open" sign on a Northampton headshop.


Anonymous said...

That woman in the video is a perfect example of a hate-filled leftist.

Anonymous said...

The woman in the video made two mistakes. First, she let the opposition get under her skin, which was clearly his intent and second, she lost her cool and her upper hand in any argument by yelling and cursing at the guy.

Anyone with any sense who has read, watched or listened to Glenn Beck knows the guy has a lot of hate inspired followers and he plays on that following by using buzz words that get them fired up. Whether or not Beck himself is racists, well, I will let others decide that one.

They do claim they love everyone, but truthfully, liberals hate a few groups of people: The rich, the uneducated and the racists, bigots and homophobes. They've witnessed enough people's civil rights getting trampled or the effects of inequality for too long and it has pissed them off and made them hateful toward anyone who questions their way of thinking. But considering the vitriol that is spewed by the right about liberals on a daily basis on talk radio and Fox News, I think there is enough hate filled "fill in the blank"s to go around on all sides of the political spectrum.


Tim said...

Talk radio and FoxNews. Such a small part of the mass media market. But, oh boy, do they bother the left. Hillary tells us dissent is patriotic and on that she is right. Just be careful to dissent only in the politically correct, government approved way, please! Thank You. BTW, you might want to ask a law enforcement official in a big city or say D.C. what were some of the worst crowds or protests, and what were some of the best or easiest to deal with.