The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Beautiful Boy

Valley Historian Ralph Slate has alerted me to the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System, a part of the Massachusetts historic archives collection, which is putting a lot of photographs online from their files of some of the older buildings in Springfield. For example here is the Magidson, Saul Commercial Block in the Pine Point section of Boston Road as it appeared circa 1985:

Here is a picture of the same block taken just a few days ago.

I not only saw my first robin of Spring the other day, but I managed to get its picture.

UMass students with tax policy suggestions.

UMass has always been a place with a lot of graffiti, probably dating back to the school's origins in the 1860's, when no doubt you could find in the campus restrooms scrawlings such as "Go Ulysses S. Grant!" or "Eudora lifts her petticoats!" Perhaps in an attempt to cut back on the writing on buildings, this bird sign was put up recently for folks to write their thoughts on.

Here's a thought I like.

The annual UMass record convention attracted sellers from all over, including Nick Williams of Feeding Tube Records in downtown Hamp.

Speaking of Northampton, the Forbes Library has a new sign in front featuring a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge.

The view out the back window of the Starbucks in Northampton.

The entrance to the mall out the bus window.

Finally, a video of Springfield's North End filmed through the bus window.