The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy Days

It's getting a little tiresome, all the rain we've had this week. But at least it hasn't been non-stop. Here's a video I made of downtown Northampton during a pause in the downpour, showing Main Street through the bus window.

It had actually dried up a bit when I took this picture from the porch of a friend who lives across the street from Westfield City Hall. However, notice the fresh storm clouds approaching.

At least all this rain is good for the plants. On the woodland way into downtown Northampton someone has taken it upon themselves to make little homemade signs pointing out the various plant life along the path, complete with latin names. Who is doing it or why I don't know, but it's pretty neat.

Not surprisingly, as far as activities go the focus has been on indoor stuff, like listening to bands. I'd long heard of the band Orange Crush, but never saw them until one day recently in Southwick. They're really good, and they like cake.

Coffee shops are good places to hang out on rainy days. Here's looking up through a rain drenched window at the fire escape outside the Haymarket Cafe.

Of course everyone is looking forward to summer, assuming it ever actually arrives. At UMass even Honest Abe is into the retro sunglasses craze.

Yet even in dreary weather, nothing can really dim the mindblowing beauty of our Valley.


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Anonymous said...

Tommy, we never get tired of sunshine here in the "Valley of The Sun"! Don't have to shovel it in Winter either!