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The Baystate Objectivist

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspirational Video

Caity lives in Connecticut. Her boyfriend dumped her and now she wants to die. I guess she also didn't like me posting her video about it, because she made it private. However, you can still see from the screen shot that she is quite unhappy.

However, someone came forward with some advice. This is well worth watching.

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Springfield mayoral candidate Antonette Pepe addressed the Springfield Republican City Committee the other night, as captured by Chris Marion. Beside Pepe is the legendary activist Karen Powell.

Seated in the audience was Pine Pointer and future State Senator Tom McCarthy and his son Justin.

In Northampton, Jaz Tupelo took to the streets to gather signatures for her sometimes radiomate Bill Dwight, who is running for City Council.

Of course Dwight still has a ways to go to match the career of Northampton's most renowned politician, Calvin Coolidge, the only resident of Western Mass to be elected to the presidency and whose words of wisdom can still be seen on the streets.

More words of wisdom on a bike outside the Haymarket Cafe.

Your Ignorance is their Power.

The beautiful weather lately has brought the streets of Hamp alive with the sound of music. Here my friend Zak Grey plays his banjo yesterday afternoon to a washtub accompaniment.

Also yesterday the students of Northampton High School had an art show at the Forbes Library.

This student had a clever idea, get a pose of his friends taking a photo of himself taking a photo of them!

On Mother's Day at UMass a student created a sentiment of motherly love with a spraycan on the wall of the Fine Arts building.

At the Amherst Survival Center a jazz band performed this week, featuring an antique horn from the 1930's.

How does a horn sound after 75 years of seasoning? Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Zack is cool.

Tim said...


Who is that woman? Yeah, she's inspirational and talented, and very attractive. She beats the hell out of Dr. Phil!

Ocean said...

I'm trying to contact Zak. He played at our Open Mic in Corvallis Oregon last week and won first place, so he can compete in the Acoustic Showdown playoff June 4. But I didn't get his email. Can you have him contact me at

Tom said...

Okay, I'll tell him.