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The Baystate Objectivist

Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Gasp

For those purist stoners who are unfamiliar with "beer" it is one of a number of drugs commonly used by "adults" which contain the narcotic alcohol. Alcohol (known in its various forms as "booze," suds," "juice" etc.) has been proven to cause liver and kidney damage and to result in serious character deterioration. Studies have shown that alcohol usage often leads to indulgence in other harmful drugs such as caffeine and tobacco.

I ran into Northampton blogger Jim Neill the other morning at the Haymarket. His blog has been sorta dead lately, but he promised to revive it.

A blogger who remains very active is Alex Ross, who I ran into hanging out on the street.

Hey, buy your doors from these dudes.

After a couple year hiatus they started putting temporary sculpture displays in Coolidge Park again. Making a return appearance is sculptor James Kitchen, whose earlier display did not impress me but whose new work is much more interesting. For example, check out this scrap metal Saturn.

Silent Cal contemplating his new neighbor, Rusty Fish.

Is it just a coincidence that this big gun is pointing right at the spot where the weekly anti-war protests take place?

Losing face on the street.

Storm clouds descending on Amherst.

Good advice for life's stormy weather.

The Demographic featuring Valley Advocate cartoonist Tom Pappalardo appeared on Greenfield TV recently.


Anonymous said...

The Demographic is cool!

Tim said...

I gotta say, Tom, that chick didn't take no bleep off that hallucination. Thing backed right down.