The Baystate Objectivist

The Baystate Objectivist

Saturday, September 10, 2011


They're Back!

Sleepy ol' Amherst was jolted out of its summer doldrums this week as you know who came roaring into town.

2015? Is that a date from a science fiction novel or am I just getting old?

They were swarming all over the Campus Center.

And running through the streets.

Organizing their clubs.

And doing their politics. At least the Democrats were, the campus Republicans were nowhere in sight.

Students we love you - as long as you brought your credit cards!

Meanwhile City Hall pranksters decorated the car of retiring Northampton Mayor M. Clare Higgins on her last day with parking tickets, a no parking barrier and a pedestrian beneath her wheels, as documented by Dave Narkewicz.

Yesterday was Hamp's annual chalk drawing contest. In the morning on my way to the bus stop I saw this artist starting to map out his picture.

When I arrived back downtown after work I saw that his drawing was done.

The winner of the $250 Grand Prize was this portrait of an owl drawn in front of the Academy of Music.

This was my personal favorite.

An Irish band was playing last night in the Woodstar Cafe in Hamp.

Hot upcoming Northampton show.

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Mary E.Carey said...

Love the chalk drawings, especially your personal favorite.