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The Baystate Objectivist

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rand's Revenge

The Libertarians have been very active on the UMass campus this semester.

So have the campus Democrats. But seemingly missing in action are the campus Republicans. They were extremely active during the years when activists like Ben Duffy and Ed Cutting were on campus, but since they graduated the energy of the UMass Republican Club has gradually dissipated until now the Democrats have regained the hammerlock hold on campus they've maintained since the 1960's. A pleasant surprise however has been the rise of Objectivism on campus, with these Ayn Rand distribution stands springing up not just at UMass but on college campuses all over the Valley. Here's one at the Robert Frost Library at Amherst College.

The print publication that preceded this website was called The Baystate Objectivist, and Objectivism was so unknown at that time that most people thought I was trying to make some kind of statement on journalistic objectivity. Now Ayn Rand's ideas are everywhere and at the center of all major policy debates; sweet revenge for the many years she was ignored.

If only Rand's ideas had caught on sooner, many of our Valley's cities and towns would have been spared the devastating government interventions into the economy known as "Urban Renewal." This video tells about the tragic consequences of an urban renewal project in New York City, but a similar tragedy unfolded locally in Springfield's North End around the same time.

Time changes everything, like this mighty boulder totally transformed by ages of water swirling around it while sitting in the Westfield River, and now on display as an ornament in front of Westfield City Hall.

This antique car was parked in front of the UMass Student Union the other day. My Uncle Steve had a car just like this, only it was green.

Elsewhere on campus Hollywood Director Michael Haley, UMass class of 1965 and the man behind such films as "Primary Colors" and "Groundhog Day" gave a speech. Afterwards there was a long line of students asking him to sign their DVD's.

UMass had a big outdoor poster sale this week.

A new clothing store has opened in downtown Northampton.

There are those among us still seeking their way.

Someone stated their humble opinion of Northampton's law enforcement personnel.

Valley favorites the Alchemystics in Greenfield last week.

Pittsfield Pumpkin Patch by Andrea Nuciforo Jr.


Anonymous said...

That picture of the kid in the pumpkin patch is adorable!

Anonymous said...

OK, but once the Jew, Irish and Italian political class from that era realized they screwed up with urban renewal...they arranged to have a great movie produced to cover their sorry rear-ends.

The Sting(Redford and Newman) may or may not accurately represent everyday life in the inner city slums which motivated the Jew, Irish and Italian political class to enact Urban Renewal...but they sure did cover their sorry rear-ends with that movie, hoping to get another Democrat into the White House.

Too bad Teddy K had more baggage hanging around his neck than a drunken sailor. Because the Urban Renewal crowd could never get another one of their favorites into the White House.